29th Street Garden


What's New:

We welcome two new gardeners this year.  Many of the gardeners are building up their plots.  As we continue to grow, we are becoming a stronger community learning and working together.

Our food bank plots are looking great, we have peas, beans, spinach, chard, raddishes, tomatoes zucchini and other squash, and cucumbers.  We have already delivered radishes and spinach to our local food banks.

Food Bank

One of our new gardeners definately has a green thumb.  Her plot is already producing zucchini in mid June.

Donnas garden

Building raised beds or boxes has been the theme in the last few years.  We created an Herb garden so all gardeners could harvest herbs from this area rather than the herbs taking up space in their plots. Some of our gardeners have divided their plots into sections containing boxes which makes their plot easier to work with. 

 Herb GardenElisabeths Boxes

Our mild spring has allowed gardeners to get an early start and their plots are thriving.  We are in for a great growing season. 

Flowers and VeggiesAnns Covered Crops








General Information:

The 29th Street Garden is the first community garden to be constructed in Anacortes and opened in spring of 2009. We hope to have more community gardens sprouting up in the future. This garden is part of the Anacortes Parks & Recreation program and the public is welcome to visit the garden and meet our gardeners – please respect our garden’s plots, plants, and garden fixtures. We’re often visited by individuals walking their dogs or just interested in see what’s growing throughout the year. Pets are not allowed in the garden, but our four-legged friends are welcome to enjoy looking at the garden from outside the fence and can often find a bowl of water waiting for them. 

The 29th Street Garden has:

  • Twelve 10' x 24' plots which can be rented as a full or a half plot.  
  • Two Food Bank plots that provide fresh produce to local food banks. 
  • Five raised bed designed to meet ADA guidelines 
  • Six small children’s gardens to encourage young gardeners to cultivate an interest in growing fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers. 
  • A composting area and worm bin for making your own soil amendments
  • A shed where we can store tools and gardening materials
  • A Garden Committee made up of volunteers from the garden who ensure things run smoothly and to help gardeners with their questions or problems
  • Mentors who can help new gardeners learn how to grow and have fun
  • Handicap parking spaces reserved for gardeners
  • Water and compost provided by the City


In spring of 2010, raised bed garden plots and wide, packed gravel pathways were added to the garden to accomodate seniors, individuals with physical limitations, and to be accessible by wheelchair. Reserved handicapped parking spaces are available adjacent to the raised bed garden plots. You can learn more about our accessible plots and designing for accessible gardening here. The inclusion of children’s plots, as well as designing to accommodate needs of seniors, enables us to serve a diverse community of gardeners. 

Our gardening community works together to maintain the common areas of the garden, produce soil-building compost, and share their knowledge and enthusiasm with their fellow gardeners and the community. Our gardeners love to spend their free time cultivating their plots and include:

  • Retired seniors
  • Families with children 
  • Working individuals of all ages 
  • Friends who share their garden plot
  • Master gardeners and first-time gardeners
  • Volunteers growing food for local food banks
  • Creative artists and people who love to cook fresh produce
  • ….and maybe you too one day.